A Large Assistance Comes Through the Efficient Radiation Therapists

The Radiation Therapist or Radiotherapist refers to a qualified health professional who can work efficiently in the field of radiation oncology. Such therapists plan and administer radiation treatments to the patients suffering from cancer. They prescribe diagnosis plan and make sure that every treatment is performed accurately. Radiation therapists assist to identify the side effects of the radiation therapy. They are important members of the team of radiation oncology.

As far as the educational qualification of the radiation therapist is concerned, in the USA they have a lower academic degree (minimum an associate degree of science even though many graduate with bachelor’s degrees) and frequently require further certification (CMD, Certified Medical Dosimetrist) for the planning of treatment. They require extensive training in gross anatomy, physiology, radiation protection, and medical physics for the safe use of radiation to treat tumor. Since they use advanced computer system to operate sophisticated equipments, so they have to work closely with the radiation oncologists. It is their responsibility to design and treat the course of radiation treatment. After the consultation of radiation oncologist with the patient for the application of treatment procedure, then it is up to radiation therapist’s to interpret the prescription and develop a treatment plan.  

The radiation treatment procedure may last several weeks. Therefore the radiation therapists monitor the condition of the patient and are required to assess the changes throughout the treatment. They are responsible for quality assurance of the treatment. The therapists go through the imaging studies and reproduce the patients positioning and plan parameters on the daily basis.

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