Radiotherapy and Breast Cancer

Radiation produces dual effects on body; they can be both harmful and can treat several fatal diseases. In past few years radiation techniques have been employed for several purposes and its use is increasing day by day in treating different kinds of diseases. Radiations are being used for treating cancer and diagnosing many diseases which was very difficult in past decades. The method of treating diseases using radiation is called radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy is very helpful in treating malignant cell, which causes cancer. These cells have uncontrolled growth that give rise to cancer. It works by destroying cells completely or interfering with the reproduction system. Cancerous cells easily get repaired and converts into normal cells with treatment of radiations. The sole purpose of radiotherapy is to treat cancer and it can be used in combination of chemotherapy or cancer. It may not be possible to cure cancer but, patient can be given relief treating with radiotherapy. Patient is treated for several months until he gets satisfied results.

Today, radiotherapy is a boon for treating breast cancer. This is very common malady in old age women. In this method linear accelerator are used which converts radioactive particle in high pitch radiation beam, that is used to treat a specific defined area of body affected by cancer. That means normal cells have greater ability to repair themselves on exposure to radiation. . Radiation places cancer cells into a cell death cycle at the time of the next scheduled cell division. This cell death cycle is known as apoptosis. So, radiation treats cells either by destroying cell or causing mutation.


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