An Easy Method for Exact Diagnosis Of Cancer

Radiation therapy simulation is a medical technique that is being used to specifically locate within the body in preparation for radiation therapy treatments. In the simulation process, a patient is put in specific position and scanned. Then the magnetic resonance imaging used to compute the precise location, shape and orientation of the infected part of the body, correcting for spatial distortion inherent in the system. After scanning patient is marked or tattooed with points which combined with the specific body position. In this way it allows a precise triangulation for radiation therapy.

This is a specialized treatment method in which different types of radiation sources such as X-rays, Gamma rays, Particle Beams of electrons, protons or neutrons are used to destroy the cancer cells existed within the body. This technology can be used to diagnose any type of cancer. There are a number of treatment steps under which a cancer patient has to go through and mapping of the damaged cells is one of them. In such cases, the exact marking of the part is necessary to ensure that the radiation is administered adequately. The damaged part may be existed in the awkward positions, so radiation therapy simulation has to be considered during treatment.

The radiation simulation can be used for different types of cancers. In many cases doctors use it combined with other treatments. External radiation is administered by a large machine that points the waves directly at the tumor. This diagnosis method is usually painless and can be finished within few minutes. On the other hand internal radiation, also known as brachytherapy or implant radiation needs high magnitude of radiation to reach as close to the site of cancer as possible. Then the images can be examined on a computer monitor or taken a printed copy for perfect treatment.

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