The Fundamentals of Radiation Treatment

Treatment of cancer is mainly done by two methods. Either it is done by chemotherapy or by radiation. In case of chemotherapy, a chemical is circulated in the body to kill cancer cells. In case of radiation treatments, concentrated beams are focused on specific sites of the body to destroy cancer cells.

The doctor who specializes in radiation treatment is called a radiation oncologist. He suggests the application of radiation to stop the proliferation of cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is also termed as radiotherapy, x-ray therapy that uses ionizing radiation to destroy cancer cells with the purpose of shrinking tumors. The key idea is to damage the cancer cells to such as extent, so that they are not able to pass on their DNA material that can lead to the growth of tumor masses.

In order to prevent surrounding healthy cells from getting affected, the radiation treatment should be carried forward very carefully under the guidance of a good radiation oncologist. Eventually, the healthy cells will recuperate while cancer cells will get depleted. Often the radiotherapy is used in conjunction with chemotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy.

The Radiation oncologists observe the patients undergoing radiation treatment and accordingly they make a treatment plan for their patients to ensure that the appropriate tools and proper doses of therapy are given.

The doctors also monitor if there is any side effect of the radiation treatment. The radiation oncologist works closely with the other team members such as the nurses, radiation technologist and radiation therapists.

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