Radiologic Physics: Principles of Physics Are Applied In the Radiotherapy

Radiology is a special branch of medicine where physicians use the imaging technique to diagnose several diseases including cancer or tumor. It deals with an array of imaging technologies such as ultrasound, nuclear medicine, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET). The interventional radiology is a minimally invasive technique under which radiologists perform medical imaging technique for the treatment. Those physicians who practice in the field of radiology are specialized in Diagnostic radiology or radiation oncology. This discipline includes radiologic physics.         

Radiologic physics is a branch of physics which includes therapeutic radiological physics, medical nuclear physics and diagnostic radiological physics. The basic radiation physics includes the subjects related to radiation and radioactivity, alpha and beta particles, gamma radiation, properties of radiation, X-ray tube components, measurement of radiation, gas filled detector, 3rd generation computed tomography, helical computed tomography, etc. Under radiologic physics students also have to study about CAT scan that includes projecting shadows, X-ray scanning, rib cage projection, back projection and auto rib cage projection.

A radiologic physicist must have the specialization in all three areas, as said afore. The first area is therapeutic radiological physics that deals with physical aspects of its applications of X-rays, gamma rays, electron and some other charged beams, neutrons, and radiations from sealed radionuclide sources. Here the equipments are associated with their production and use including radiation safety. In the diagnostic radiological physics, it uses the diagnostic applications of X-rays, gamma rays, ultrasound radiation and radiation safety measures. Under the medical nuclear physics, physicians deal with the therapeutic and diagnostic applications of radionuclides. Here equipments are associated with the production, use and radiation safety.

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