The Key Responsibilities of a Radiology Assistant

Radiology Assistants are advanced-level radiologic technologists who perform radiologic procedures under the supervision of a radiologist to enhance patient care by performing some radiology procedures.

They work under the guidance of radiologists and perform some medical procedures, evaluate radiologic images and perform administrative and patient care tasks as instructed by the supervising radiologist. While evaluating radiologic images, they make initial image observations and communicate their observations to the radiologists; however, they do not perform interpretations of any radiological examination.

The Radiology assistants also take care of administrative responsibilities such as performing assessments, reviewing medical records, and evaluating patients post and pre-procedure. They need to take care of the safety aspects while working with a wide range of equipments such as X-ray units, fluoroscopic systems, mammography systems, MRI machines, and additional diagnostic imaging equipments.

The roles and responsibilities of a Radiology Assistant are as given below:
  • Obtaining consent for and injecting agents that facilitate diagnostic imaging
  • Obtaining clinical history from patient
  • Performing pre-procedure and post-procedure evaluation of patients undergoing invasive procedures
  • Assisting radiologists with invasive procedures
  • Performing selected peripheral venous diagnostic procedures
The Radiology Assistants take responsibility for patient assessment, patient education and patient management. For becoming a radiology assistant, one needs to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Radiology Assistance, Master of Science in Radiology Assistance or a Radiologist Assistant Post-Baccalaureate Certificate and must also pass the radiologist assistant certification exam. They also need to be licensed in the state in which they wish to practice.

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