Radiology Imaging Associates: A Pioneer In The Field Of Radiology

Radiology Imaging Associates is the premier outpatient imaging center in the area of Treasure Coast. The organization attempts to provide premium quality, technologically improved services. The innovation and leadership of the organization has facilitated in bringing sophisticated outpatient imaging services and new technology to the people. It has been a pioneer in areas such as film-screen Mammography, outpatient CT Scans, outpatient Color Flow Doppler Ultrasound, MRI Scans, outpatient Nuclear Medicine, Computer Aided Detection and several other areas.

Radiology Imaging Associates
provides a comprehensive range of sophisticated imaging services which are carried out by trained professionals who utilize revolutionary technology. The services include X-ray, DEXA, Digital Mammography, and Nuclear Medicine, open and high field MRI, CT/PET, Ultrasound and CT.
The organization constantly endeavors to provide outstanding radiology services by allowing its workforce to go beyond the expectations of physicians, patients as well as reference sources.

The common women’s imaging techniques provided by the organization include Digital mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI. Digital mammography technology is made available at all its breast centers. The state-of-the-art technology offers improved image quality, timely results, lesser time of examination and less number of repeats.

A skilled, dedicated and caring workforce remains the core competency of the organization. Moreover, the organization strives to meet the needs of its growing community and maintains locations in Stuart, Port Saint Lucie and Fort Pierce. Besides this, the organization entered into a partnership with RadNet, Inc., a leading company in the field of diagnostic imaging. The partnership allows the organization to maintain associations with above 160 centers within Florida, California, Maryland, Delaware, Fort Pierce and New York.

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