A True Definition of the Radiology Physician

Radiology is the field of medicine in which the imaging techniques like the X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) are used to diagnose as well as treat various diseases. A radiology physician is a specialist who has specialized in the medical imaging and also in interpreting them. A radiology physician examines the patient, collects the medical histories, diagnoses illnesses, and prescribes or administers treatment for the people that are suffering from diseases or illnesses. The main job of the radiology physician is to compare the medical imaging reports with the other examinations as well as treatments and confer with the physicians who have referred the patients to the radiology physician. In many cases the radiology physician uses radiation like the nuclear medicine, or minimally invasive and image guided surgery.

Some of the essential qualifications that are needed to become a radiologist are:

  1. He must have graduated from an accredited school of medical science.
  2. He must have passed a licensing examination.
  3. He must have performed a year of internship.
  4. They must have completed atleast four years of graduate medical education (residency) in radiology.
  5. Once the residency is complete the doctors can choose a fellowship program and sub-specialize in more than one areas of radiology.
  6. They must be approved by the American board of radiology or the American Osteopathic board of radiology
The job of the radiology physician is that of high responsibility and thus requires a high level of commitment as well as honesty. The reports that they prepare have to be genuine and true to the best of the knowledge of the radiology physician and the other physicians.

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