Two Major Procedures of Treating Cancer

Uncontrolled cell growth gives rise to cancer. Whose ultimate treatment is radiotherapy; it involves use of radiation in treating or destroying cancerous cells that also cause tumors. There are two major procedure used by radiologist and physicians to treat cancer of different types. The two major procedures are internal radiotherapy and external radiotherapy. In both the procedures X-Rays, Gamma Rays, and Particle Beams of electrons, protons or neutrons are used to destroy cancerous cell either by killing it directly or by mutation.

There are many procedures to treat cancer patient, however most applied one are internal procedure and external procedure. In the first procedure radioactive capsules are placed in the affected part body of patient. This procedure is used in case of tumor and post stages of cancer as it gives heavy dose of radiation. These capsules treat the affected part of the body and procedures require patient hospitalization.

In external procedure, patient does not need to hospitalize and treatment given by big machine. These machines have different shape and looks like any X-ray machine. The patient is not made in contact with machine; however he gets treated by radiations.

A superficial skin cancer may need only a few short treatments, whereas a cancer deeper in the body may need more prolonged treatment. External radiotherapy is given in small doses, and usually have gap of four days so that cells get enough time to recover for next dose. This method does not make patient radio active however they feel tired after treatment.

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