The Precision In The Cancer Treatment Comes Through Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy treatment or radiation therapy involves the use of ionizing radiation to diagnose cancer and malignant cells. This method is performed as a palliative treatment or as therapeutic treatment. This therapy is one of those treatments that are adopted to treat cancer. As the cancer cells tend to grow fast and cause tumor in the body, the radiation therapy tries to shrink or destroy them from further expansion.

This treatment procedure involves different types of radiation sources for different disease such as X-rays, Gamma rays, particle beams of electrons, protons or neutrons are used to kill the cancer cells within the body. The cancer radiation technique is also performed with other medical treatments the diagnose cancer effectively. Radiation therapy treatment is normally treatment on an outpatient basis so patients can go home after the session and dot not require staying in the hospital. It usually lasts few weeks. Before giving this treatment, physicians take a thorough check up of the body part to determine the location of cancer.

During radiation therapy session, patients are asked to lie down in a specific position for few minutes, then shield and molds are placed around the body to shadow over the healthy parts of the body.  

There Are Some Different Types Of Radiation Therapy

  1. External radiation- In this treatment method, the radiation machine is positioned outside the body and beam is thrown on the body from there. It does not require patient to be admitted in the hospital.

  2. Internal radiation or Brachytherapy- Here a small radioactive capsules or tubes are injected inside the body. The delivery of the beam is focused only on the damaged parts or cancer cells. It needs patients to be hospitalized.

  3. Systemic radiation- Under this treatment procedure, the radioactive substance is placed into the vein of the cancer and then it travels through the body during radiotherapy treatment.

  4. Intra-operative radiation- This method is performed during the surgical procedure. The external beam is concentrated at the infected area cancer cells.

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