Be Careful About the Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Although the radiation therapy is considered as an effective treatment method to diagnose prostate cancer, but at the same time it carries some side effects that may be fatal in some cases. There are mainly two types of radiation therapies to which patients undergo; external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy. And both measures may evoke certain side effects on the patient. Take a brief look on what sorts of side effects might be found under this therapy.

Probably epithelial surface may sustain damage from radiation therapy, depending on the area being treated; it may include the oral mucosa, bowel mucosa, skin, pharyngeal and ureter. This treatment is likely to affect the vital organs that may invite many health hazards. Your skin may start to become pink and it may retain to several weeks into treatment. Generally, its reaction evokes severe side effects on skin during treatment; skin may break down. Sometimes skin reaction tends to be worse in areas of natural folds such as underneath the female breast, behind the ear, in the groin etc. In the head and neck area, one may experience temporary soreness and ulceration in the mouth and throat. The Collateral radiation, taken during the treatment of lung cancer, may affect esophagus, so after one stage patient would need painkilling and nutritional support.

There are some other typical symptoms such as soreness, nausea and diarrhoea, which are exposed by radiotherapy to pelvic structure. Swelling of soft tissues is a concern during the treatment of brain tumor and brain metastases may cause problems after radiotherapy. This radiotherapy treatment may cause some other side effects such as infertility, fibrosis, hair loss, dryness, fatigue, cognitive decline, death etc. These side effects of the radiotherapy should not be confused with their longevity; the short-term side effects have been disappeared till a large extent but the long-term effects like subclinical and reirradiation are still problematic.


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