Simple Steps to Increase Bone Density

Density of your bones is determined by the bone mineral content. At the age of 30, men and women reach the peak of bone mass density. With age, bones become thinner and porous because the existing bone is broken down faster than new bone is made.

According to American Bone Health, a nonprofit group ten million Americans have osteoporosis and 34 million have low bone density or Osteopania, which if not treated on time can lead to osteoporosis. Women going through post-menopause lose bone mass more rapidly as compared to men because women have lower levels of estrogen which speeds bone loss. Decreased testosterone levels lead to bone loss in men. However, change in lifestyle can prevent osteoporosis. In order to increase bone density, you need to have a balanced diet and need to perform weight-bearing exercises.

In order to increase bone density, start by getting a bone density test done. A reading of -0.1 is “normal”. However, bone density score between -0.1 to -2.5 can mean osteopenia and reading below -2.5 mans you are having osteoporosis. The next step would be to check your diet. Increase level of calcium and other important minerals in your diet. Start eating low- or non-fat dairy products that are organic. Reducing saturated fat reduces risk for coronary heart disease. Consult a dietician or a nutritionist to get a diet chart done. Increase vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is found in cold water fish, cod liver oil, and egg yolks. Reduce or eliminate very salty foods and processed foods.

The condition of your bones depends upon your lifestyle, food intake and exercise. Start living a holistic life so that you need not worry about bone fractures from osteoporosis.

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