The Endless Uses of the Techniques in Interventional Radiology

The interventional radiology has changed the face of medical technologies as we knew uptill now. This method of diagnosis as well as treatment involves the minimum of invasion inside the human body using specific tools as well as instruments to reach the afflicted area while being guided by the images. The interventional radiology is a very sophisticated kind of technology that has to be performed by various techniques that are suited to the illness as well as the patient’s capacity.

Some of the cases in which the techniques in interventional radiology that have proven to be successful in the treatment of various diseases are:

  1. In the comprehensive evaluation and medical management of infrainguinal peripheral artery disease.
  2. In Percutaneous revascularization of chronic total Occlusions
  3. In the imaging evaluation of the lower extremity infrainguinal disease: role of the non-invasive vascular laboratory, computed tomography, angiography, and magnetic resonance angiography
  4. While treating the diseased superficial femoral artery.
  5. In debulking procedures
  6. In drug eluting balloons

It is a known fact now that the techniques in the interventional radiology have proved to be very much useful in diagnosing and then subsequent treatment of some of the most dangerous diseases in the world. These minutely invasive techniques in interventional radiology have opened a whole new frontier of medical technologies that can be explored.  Various societies as well as foundations that have been founded in order to bring these well guided and advanced techniques to the common man are also doing a great job in popularizing these techniques. Apart from that, numerous journals and science magazines keep reporting about anything new that has taken place in this field in order to keep the interventional radiologists and other surgeons informed.


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