Breast Ultrasound – A Non-Invasive Technique To Detect Breast Abnormalities

Breast ultrasound is a procedure used to evaluate breast abnormalities found during clinical breast exam or screening mammography. This technique allows imaging from different angles. This helps to diagnose breast abnormalities observed during a physical examination.

A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to form images of the tissues inside the breast. This technique does not use x-rays or any harmful radiation. It is conducted to evaluate lumps that are not possible to detect on a mammogram. The doctors can distinguish between solid tumors and fluid-filled cysts.

Breast Ultrasound Is Done To:

  • Check and verify abnormal results from a mammogram
  • Check whether the breast lump found is fluid-filled (a cyst) or a solid lump
  • Observe changes in the size of a cyst
  • Find the cause of breast abnormalities such as swelling, pain, and redness
This is a painless technique that produces high contrast images. In patients with dense breasts, it is not possible to detect breast abnormalities on a mammogram film.      

Some Of The Benefits Of Breast Ultrasound Are:

  • Non-invasive and painless method
  • No ionizing radiation is used
  • Detects lesions in women with dense breasts
  • Distinguishes between fluid-filled (a cyst) and a solid lump
  • Provides real time imaging
In breast ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves are transmitted through breast tissue using a hand- held transducer. As these sound waves get reflected back by the breast tissues, echoes are created which are captured by the computer to make an image of the breast tissue.

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