A Suitable Use Of Mammographic Screening Can Help To Diagnose Breast Cancer

On one hand when the cases of breast cancer are increasing year by year, we require am advanced technology to treat them well. In this regard mammographic screening has given us an excellent option that helps to detect those infected cells sophistically. This screening technology uses X-ray the tries to find out breast cancer before a lump can be felt. There are some studies that claim that suitably used mammography is an effective tool to view that cancerous part inside the breast on a large screen. So the rational and careful use of this technology would render the best cure of this serious disease.

Under the process of mammography, physicians use low-dose amplitude X-ray to view the infected cells or breast cancer. It is basically a diagnostic screening tool that can detect the early stage before symptoms come into view of the cancer and can reduce mortality. The best use of mammographic screening can ensure the quality of treatment performed during diagnosis procedure.

Generally, breast cancer is seen in the women of around 40 but its sign may arise from the age of 20. So, doctors are advised to counsel patients concerning the restriction of Breast Self Examination (BSE). In many countries routine mammography of older women is encouraged by the awareness campaign. There are some not so good factors attached with this screening technology. Some studies have revealed that false-positive mammograms may affect the well-being of women and they may be likely to conduct or perform self examination several times. Such false reports may distress them and that would remain for long. To rectify the problem you require true and rational use of mammographic screening to confirm the condition and stage of breast cancer, if any.

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