Multiple Benefits of Mammography

Mammography refers to a specific kind of imaging which utilizes a low-dose x-ray system for examination of breasts. The mammography examination is also described as a mammogram which aids early detection as well as diagnosis of breast diseases in females.

Mammography takes various forms such as digital mammography, Computer-aided detection, screening mammography and diagnostic mammography.

There are several uses of mammography. The technique helps in detecting the small abnormal tissue growths which are limited to milk ducts present in the breasts. This procedure is referred to as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). While the tumors are small, more treatment options are available to women. Therefore, the chances of getting cured are higher. Moreover, the early stage tumors do not harm the patients if the removal takes place during this stage. Mammography remains the only verified method which enables the detection of tumors. Moreover, it is also useful for detection of all kinds of breast cancers, incorporating invasive lobular and invasive ductal cancer.

Owing to a number of uses of mammography and the associated benefits, it is advisable to get a breast check-up done at the earliest. This is also helpful for prevention of breast cancer during the later stages. By conducting mammography, a doctor is able to look closely at the breast lumps as well as the changes which take place in the breast tissue. Moreover, mammography is able to show small growths or lumps which a doctor is not able to feel during a clinical breast examination. Ideally, mammography remains the best screening tool available with the doctors.

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