The Importance Of Vitamin A Bone Density Relationship

One of the most important vitamins that can do wonders to the human body is the vitamin A. It is one vitamin that is useful for almost all the body parts and thus its absence can cause some of the most dangerous diseases. The primary body part that needs a healthy dose of vitamin A, particularly so in children, is the eyes. It is the most needed for scotopic as well as color vision and the regions like the retina of the eyes.

This most important vitamin was discovered by the Dutch chemists while doing the research on it in the year 1906. Apart from the eyes vitamin A is also necessary for maintaining the proper bone density in children during their formative years. Vitamin A
bone density and also bone metabolism is something that might not be very much relevant as do the vitamin D but still the absence of Vitamin A in our daily diet can cause of a lot of Vitamin A bone density problems. Particularly among children and the pregnant women the risk could be large.  Some of the rich sources of this Vitamin are Carrot, liver, broccoli, butter, spinach, kale, mango, milk, pea, apricot, and papaya.

Vitamin A bone density can be a great compliment to the other vital vitamin for bone density and other aspects of bone development and growth. The absence of the two vitamins can lead to some serious diseases like rickets in children and
osteoporosis in adults. Both the Vitamin A bone density as well as the vitamin D along with Vitamin K is very much necessary in the healthy growth as well as the healthy development of bones in the human body.

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