A True Understanding of The Vitamin D Bone Density Relationship

The vitamin D plays a very important role in the human health like the inhibition of the calcitonin release from the thyroid gland that prevents the cartilage degradation and bone resorption. The vitamin D can also prevent the parathyroid hormone secretion; modulate immune function apart from reducing inflammation.

The vitamin D is directly produced in the human body when it is directly exposed to the sunlight. In many areas of the world where the exposure to the sunlight is limited or the work culture prevents the exposure to the sun, alternative ways are found to prevent deficiency of Vitamin D. The other sources of vitamin D are Fatty fish species, a whole egg, cooked beef liver, milk, and mushrooms with exposure to sunlight

It is a well known fact that the Vitamin D in association with the biophosphonates is very much required to maintain the healthy bone density. The lack of vitamin D bone density can lead to some of the most dangerous diseases like osteoporosis, especially among pregnant women. The vitamin D boosts calcium absorption that helps in the treatment of the disease as calcium plays a very important part in the entire development and functioning of the bones. Various researches as well as investigations have proved that the vitamin D is very much essential for the treatment of osteoporosis particularly among women. Bone density can be boosted with the intake of serums like biophosphonates along with the Vitamin D.

The vitamin D bone density relation is an established fact and thus it is essential that all the physicians realize this while treating the patients of bone related diseases like Osteoporosis, or rickets.

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