The Vitamin K Bone Density Relation And The Diseases That Can Be Prevented

The decrease in the bone density in a human’s body can lead to some of the most perilous diseases. A well known example of such a disease is that of osteoporosis in the women particularly after menopause. In this disease the bone density is reduced below the healthy levels, the microstructure of the bones is disturbed along with the variation in the amount and variety of the proteins on the bone. This disease can be found not only in post-menstrual women but also in men due to various reasons.

The main cause of this disease is the deficiency of the vitamin K in the body that leads to the decrease in the bone density. The vitamin K bone density relation is a well established relation and has been researched and investigated thoroughly. The vitamin K has been widely acclaimed as the supplement for decreasing bone density in women particularly in post-menopausal women. Although the long term benefits of vitamin K bone density are still to be uncovered. However, it has been found that the vitamin K bone density relation is an established one. A daily high dose of vitamin K can greatly reduce bone loss, bone turnover, and in many instances the fractures in women after menopause.

The latest research on the subject has revealed that although there is not much difference in the women taking vitamin K than those not taking it. The women who take a high dose of vitamin K are less prone to fractures and other diseases like cancer.

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