If You Are Above 40, Get a Mammogram Done

Breast cancer is considered to be the most common cancer that affects women. If diagnosed at an early stage, there are effective treatments available for complete recovery. A mammogram is considered to be an effective screening tool for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Most women should get the mammogram done at the age of 40. If you experience any changes or any other abnormality in the breast, you should consult a physician and get mammogram done if recommended. Mammograms are the best tools to detect cancer at an early stage before a lump can be felt.  

Mammography is generally combined with clinical breast exam for early breast cancer detection. A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast tissue designed to detect cancer even before a lump or any other symptom is felt. If detected on time, ninety percent women can be treated successfully.

Women between 40 to 50 years should get a mammography done every year, while women over 50 should get it done in every two years. Women having close family history of breast cancer or women who had specific types of non-cancerous lumps are advised to have yearly screening mammograms done. For women below 40 years of age, mammograms cannot detect cancer because breast tissue is denser in this age group making it difficult for the mammogram to read. The cancer is more likely to be missed.

Just being more than 40 puts you at risk for breast cancer. Women above 40 should get a mammogram and make this a part of regular routine.

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