The Use of X-Ray in Mammography Promises to Produce Quality Images of the Breast Cancer

Mammography represents to the x-ray exam of the breast under which low-dose amplitude-x-ray is used to examine the human breast. The x-ray mammography is proved to be an effective examination to detect breast disease in women. The breast grievances like a lump or an abnormality can be detected with the help of diagnostic mammography imaging system. It refers to a special examination for breast by applying an x-ray.

Mammography is one of the most effective methods used for the early detection of breast cancer. It provides a standard screening tool for breast cancers where tissue is less fatty and more glandular. Breast MRI can detect cancer in dense breasts. Gradually, it is being utilized to screen women at high risk for breast cancer. No other imaging technique has been shown to reduce risk. The breast self-examination (BSE) and regular examination are essential parts of regular breast care.

During the mammography treatment procedure, the breast is compressed using a dedicated mammography technical unit. In screening mammography, both head-to-foot view and angled side-view images of the breast are taken. Deodorant, talcum powder or lotion may show up on the x-ray mammography as calcium spots, so women are discourages from applying these on the day of breast scanning. There is a transitional development in the technology after the emergence of full field digital mammography (FFDM). This process is very popular due to various factors like higher spatial resolution images of the breast, quality demonstration on the screen-film mammography and expansion of the equipments.

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